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About us

Patients and Purpose

Patients are the heart and soul of Enzyvant, inspiring deep meaning, passion and purpose in our work. Rare diseases affect such small patient populations that their needs often go unnoticed or unmet. Without companies like Enzyvant working to address unmet needs, these patients would be left behind with few to no options.

Enzyvant develops transformative regenerative therapies, bringing them through development as rapidly as possible. Our work is more than a mission, it is a movement inspired by patients, their battles with rare conditions and their hopes for the future. Enzyvant is in this fight with patients. They are all the reasons for why, how and what we do.

At Enzyvant, we know that speed matters as we establish the science and develop breakthrough regenerative therapies. It matters because patients and their families are waiting for meaningful solutions, watching a clock run out of time. They are counting on us and we can’t let them down.

Regenerative Medicines Accelerator and Catalyst for Change

Enzyvant is an accelerator for transformative regenerative medicines with a focus on tissue-based therapies for rare conditions. We see a world where the promise of our breakthrough biotechnologies is fully realized. To achieve this vision, we are stewards of the science and catalysts for industry change needed to speed life-changing regenerative therapies to patients and families in desperate need.

Regenerative medicines have attracted considerable interest as the science has advanced in recent years. This is because of their potential for curative or near-curative benefits, often in a one-time treatment. The work to establish the science of regenerative medicines with compelling evidence of safety, efficacy and long-term outcomes is progressing quickly.

Regenerative medicines are unlike anything that has come before. This is particularly true for tissue-based regenerative therapies that are one-patient-one-lot and not mass produced. Existing industry frameworks and operating models were built for mass market therapies and chronic treatments, not for these unique, complex and often one-time therapies.

Enzyvant is on the leading edge of the industry’s work to redefine best development, manufacturing and commercial practices for emerging regenerative medicines. We are proud to be at the forefront, helping to build the overall knowledge base, develop capabilities and clear pathways for more needed therapies.

Our Global Network

Enzyvant is part of Sumitovant Biopharma (wholly owned by Sumitomo Pharma), a global ecosystem of companies working on innovative research and development activities to transform healthcare and improve the lives of people worldwide. This global ecosystem has a geographic footprint spanning Japan, the US, China and the EU as well as talent, knowledge and resources across a wide spectrum of technologies and therapeutic areas. Enzyvant benefits from this substantial Sumitomo Pharma support structure as we work to urgently develop and commercialize transformative regenerative therapies for rare diseases.

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