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Area of Focus

T-cell Platform

T-cells are fundamental to our body’s ability to fight infection and are a critical part of a functioning immune system. Enzyvant’s work is focused on establishing the science and developing urgently needed regenerative therapies for people with rare, T-cell implicated conditions.

The Enzyvant T-cell platform is investigating the intersection of T-cell biology and regenerative medicine with the vision of bringing potentially life-changing therapies to patients who would otherwise have few or no options.

RVT-802 and Pediatric Congenital Athymia

Enzyvant’s lead asset is the investigational regenerative therapy RVT-802 for congenital athymia. Children with congenital athymia are born without a thymus and cannot make infection-fighting T-cells. Because children with congenital athymia are not able to fight infections, even a common cold can be deadly and, historically, most have not survived past age two.

Investigational RVT-802, a one-time regenerative therapy, is cultured human thymus tissue engineered to generate a functioning immune response in pediatric patients with congenital athymia. Since there are no treatments currently available for congenital athymia, the Enzyvant team is actively and urgently working to gain US Food and Drug Administration approval for RVT-802 and make it commercially available to patients who are in desperate need.

Enzyvant is investigating the use of the science behind RVT-802 for other T-cell implicated conditions. Additionally, we are looking beyond RVT-802 into new areas of regenerative medicine that may make a significant impact on additional patients’ lives.

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