We are dedicated to providing the highest possible level of support for people living with rare diseases. Our commitment to supporting our community includes providing resources that may help manage the daily complexities along the diagnostic and treatment odyssey.

Michele Rhee Head of Patient Affairs Enzyvant

Because I have lived with the diagnosis of a life-threatening rare disease, I understand first-hand the importance of accurate and compassionate patient education and supportive patient advocacy. My rare disease has been treatable so far, and I am grateful for my health and the opportunity to live and work personally and professionally as a patient advocate. I also feel privileged to work at Enzyvant, a company deeply committed to supporting rare disease communities, not only by developing transformative therapies but also by providing patient support services and programming.

Michele RheeHead of Patient Affairs

To hear Michele describe her journey as a patient and becoming a patient advocate, please visit:

Enzyvant is currently investigating therapies for people with congenital athymia and acid ceramidase deficiency manifesting as Farber disease. For more information on these diseases and the support the company provides to patients, please click on the links below: